Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

10-14 March: Mason says his goodbyes, while Kate continues to deny her feelings for Mark

Monday 10 March


A misunderstanding over a pair of earrings causes Georgia to give up hope over her relationship with Kyle. Sonya convenes her first GA meeting, where she meets a new member called Patricia, who turns out to be Chris’s mother. Kate tells Brennan that there is no chance of their getting back together – but is she being honest with herself?

Tuesday 11 March

Sonya is concerned when Patricia fails to turn up for the next meeting. Not knowing how to get in touch with her, she asks Chris for help, only to be rudely rebuffed. Kyle learns the truth about the earrings, but this seems to bring him no closer to Georgia. Karl is suspicious when Paul asks him to spearhead his application for the Twin Cities programme, and it soon transpires that his doubts are well-founded.

Wednesday 12 March

Paul’s real motive for the twinning project is disclosed when it is revealed that his main contact is his ex-wife Rebecca. He wants her back, as Rebecca discovers when she pays a surprise visit to the Kennedys. Amber is struggling with her schoolwork, which is putting a strain on her relationship with Josh. Mason wants to escape from his arrangement with Imogen over the car, but she cannot afford to buy him out.

Thursday 13 March

Rebecca realises that Paulmust have planned their meeting for months. She tells him in no uncertain terms that there is no chance of any reconciliation between them, but one or two flames seem to have been rekindled. Josh pushes himself too hard in training and makes an important phone call. A frustrated Mason asks Paul to find out if the job in Darwin is still available.

Friday 14 March

Mason decides to make a fresh start and leave Erinsborough. Lou assuages his feelings of guilt, assuring him that he is doing the right thing and trying to persuade Lauren to be supportive. Sonya encourages Patricia to return to the meetings, almost betraying a confidence in the process. Josh succumbs to temptation and takes some painkillers. Brennan confides in Chris and resolves to stay in town, unaware that someone is watching.