It’s Snore-gan Freeman – Hollywood star falls asleep during TV interview

The 75-year-old actor appeared to nod off several times while listening to co-star Michael Caine discuss their new film Now You See Me - see the video

The promotional circuit ahead of a new film release can be tough for any actor – interviewer after interviewer, often asking the same questions over and over again – but imagine if you’re 75 years old, and listening to the soothing tones of Michael Caine. Who could blame you for nodding off…


That’s exactly what happened to Morgan Freeman, during a TV spot on Seattle’s Q13 Fox News as he and co-star Caine were discussing their new film Now You See Me, in which a team of illusionists use their skills to pull off a bank heist.

Freeman appears to close his eyes and drift off several times during the interview – although he does manage to style it out quite impressively at times. Could he, in fact, simply be closing his eyes to better absorb what his co-star has to say? No, he’s definitely fallen asleep there. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself…