How do I delete my Netflix history?

Have you been 'watching ahead' of your partner? Do you not want your friends to know you watch My Little Pony three hours a night? Here's what to do...


We’ve all done it. We’re meant to be watching Breaking Bad with our partner, but they’ve gone out for the evening and you simply have to know what’s going to happen to Walt and Jessie next. So you watch just a little bit four more episodes and pretend the next day that you watched repeats of Location Location Location instead. However, your fiendish plan is scuppered by Netflix when it fires up in front of your partner four episodes further down the line than where you left off. Well there’s a fix for this problem…


Or perhaps you have a secret penchant for watching My Little Pony late at night and you don’t want your friends to judge you when it’s ‘suggested for you’ when they come round for a Jessica Jones marathon on Saturday night? Well there’s a fix for your problem.

All you need to do is login to your Netflix account as the main user and visit the My Activity page. (it should like this…)

You can now see every episode of every show that you’ve watched and the date that you watched it. 

In order to remove it from your history forever all you need to do is click the little “X” and press confirm.

And it’s gone, and with it your relationship and your reputation in protected for another day of nefarious Netflix use!


You’re welcome.