Coronation Street spoilers: David and Kylie left stunned after Max runs amok, says Jack P Shepherd

"Kylie believes Max’s behaviour is all her fault but David is constantly trying to reassure her and tell her she’s a great mum," says the actor

Kylie and David have endured their fair share of marital strife over the years, but even they are in uncharted territory next week after Max starts to run wild.


In scenes to be shown on Friday a August, David and Kylie arrive home from holiday with Lily and a hyper Max, who runs amok on the street with a water pistol angering residents. David admits to Gail that Max was a nightmare on holiday and that he’s worried there may be something wrong with him.

So, is David right to be concerned? Here actor Jack P Shepherd talks about David’s struggles with Max’s behaviour and whether Kylie will accept that her son has a problem…

David and Kylie come back from holiday more stressed than when they left! What’s been going on? Has David noticed Max’s behaviour getting out of hand?
Yes, the holiday hasn’t been a holiday at all. It’s been the holiday from hell! David wishes they’d never even gone – they’re more stressed than before they left. They’re glad to get back really and want to get a bit of help from Gail and maybe find out what’s wrong with Max.

Is David starting to worry that there’s something wrong with Max?
David doesn’t think it’s anything serious, but he reckons it’s best to get it checked out. Whereas Kylie doesn’t want to get it checked out for fear of it being something serious.

Is David aware that Kylie’s starting to struggle with Max?
Yeah, she can’t really handle Max. She’s getting more stressed and angry every time Max does something wrong. David is stressed too but he seems to cope with it a little bit better.

Up to this point, has David been more concerned with the troubles concerning Gail, Michael and Nick?
He has, but he’s had to put all that to one side now to focus on his own immediate family. It seems when they come back from the holiday that Michael’s feet are firmly under the table and there’s not much he can do about it. David and Kylie don’t really bat an eyelid because Max is going off the rails and that’s their priority.

Then David gets a fine for taking Max out of school without permission. How does he react?
He gets the letter and it’s one of those “told you so” things to Kylie, but he doesn’t want to go on at her too much because she’s already stressed. Kylie’s adamant that they’re not paying it but David thinks they should just pay it and move on.

What does Max do when they arrive home – which residents in particular does he manage to wind up?
He squirts his water pistol at Norris to annoy him and he gets cake and rubs it all over Steve’s clean VW Van. He throws loads of toys at Lily’s birthday party, her cake ends up getting dropped because he’s throwing things at Gail and he’s always causing chaos in the house.

Kylie’s been struggling to care for two children. Does David realise this? How does he feel about Kylie as a mother?
He’s always telling her she’s a brilliant mum.But she’s always saying she’s awful, it’s her fault and that it’s a hereditary gene from her or his dad. Kylie believes Max’s behaviour is all her fault but David is constantly trying to reassure her and tell her she’s a great mum. He’s the one trying to support her.

David and Kylie are young parents. Can they cope with the responsibility? Are they too immature to cope, do you think?
Once they’ve had Max checked out and maybe he can be put on medication to help, then hopefully they’ll be OK.

Do you think this could throw Kylie back into her troubled past? How’s Kylie coping with the situation?
She struggles with everything more than David does. David doesn’t seem to really have a conscience about things – he takes life as it comes and just deals with it whereas Kylie’s dwells on things. She lets things get to her more than David and this is certainly getting to her.

How’s Harry McDermott – who plays Max – been while filming these scenes?
He’s been very good. He’s had a lot to do and he’s getting more lines, so I’m trying to help him and give him a few tips where I can to make it as natural as possible. He’s coming to my drama school from September so he’ll be able to bring his scripts in and I can help him prepare them, which will be perfect. But he always knows his cue line and his mark. He’s picking it up very fast.


Why didn’t you do a spin-off DVD of the time David and Kylie spent in Barbados with Becky?
I can’t believe we didn’t do that – I think it’s a disgrace! They even told us to go on holiday in real life so we had a tan, but they didn’t take us to Barbados!