Coronation Street: David kisses Shona, reveals Julia Goulding

"Shona desperately does want to tell David the truth about who she is, but the closer she's getting to him, the harder it is," says the Corrie star


David Platt is to kiss an injured Shona Ramsey in next week’s Coronation Street, little realising that she is in fact the mother of Clayton Hibbs, the man who killed his late wife Kylie.


Following a savage attack by Nathan’s thugs, Shona will end up in hospital where she undergoes an operation for a ruptured spleen. Following the op, David will end up getting closer to the woman who tried to warn Nathan to stay away from Bethany. But a guilt-ridden Shona remains conflicted: should she pursue a relationship with David without telling him the truth about her family history?

In the end, it looks as though events will come to a head when – after being discharged from hospital – she pays a visit to Kylie’s grave, only to be caught at the cemetery by David and the kids. What will she say when David quizzes her as to why she’s there? Here, actress Julia Goulding teases all the upcoming drama in next week’s Corrie:

So, how serious are Shona’s injuries when she goes in for the operation?
Shona’s injuries are serious enough that she collapses and she’s in quite a lot of pain.

How does she feel having gotten so heavily involved with the Platts?
The severity of the situation is Shona’s main priority, that’s her main thought. Everything else for her at this moment – all the guilt she feels – is completely pushed to one side because she’s mainly focusing on getting Bethany away from Nathan.


Does she have romantic feelings for David and, if so, what does she like about him?
Shona does fancy David quite a bit and what she likes about him is that he’s different from anyone she has been with before. She likes that he’s funny, he make her laugh and she sees he is a good father. It has been bubbling for quite a while but those feelings are definitely starting to surface.

How is she feeling about keeping her identity secret from him?
Shona feels worse by the day, especially as her romantic feelings start to grow. She’s getting closer to the kids and it’s starting to really eat her alive.

How does she feel when David kisses her?
In that moment, her tummy flips and she’s very happy, but it’s fleeting because the reality of lying to him hits her. Shona desperately does want to tell David the truth about who she is, but the closer she’s getting to him, the harder it is.

How does she feel when he finds her beside Kylie’s grave?
She feels completely panicked and she has to think on her feet. But whether that means spilling the beans or telling yet another cover-up lie, who knows?


Does she regret coming to Weatherfield – or does she now see the place as home?
She doesn’t regret it because she’s found a place in this community. She has a stable home, a stable job and she’s met David. So even with everything else that’s going on, she’s glad that she has. She doesn’t regret being part of Coronation Street – and neither does Julia!

How have you felt about having an important role in Bethany’s story?
I feel very privileged to be trusted to be part of this storyline so early on in my time at Coronation Street. It’s such an important issue and the actors are doing such a good job with it.

Would you like to see more scenes between Shona and Clayton? Is it too late for them to make amends?
I would love to work with Callum Harrison more – he’s a cracking lad. It would be nice to see more scenes with the two of them together, as you’d not only see a softer side to Clayton, but it’d be nice to see Shona as a mother too. Because at the moment she’s not and we don’t see her with those kind of responsibilities.

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