Eight deadly spiders and dangerous brownsnake found in I’m a Celebrity camp

Medic Bob confirms its "the most we've ever found in one day"


We wouldn’t want to be camping in the I’m a Celebrity jungle right now…


As the celebrities get settled in their new lodgings, eight Funnel Web spiders have been found in a camera hide near the contestants’ beds, according to the Mirror. The Funnel Web spider is native to eastern Australia with several species renowned for being highly toxic with fast-acting venom. 

I’m a Celeb medic Bob McCarron confirmed the spider count was “the most we’ve ever found in one day.” 

He added: “The funnel web’s are the most dangerous spider in the world. There is an anti-venom and of course none of the celebs have ever been bitten by them – a couple of crew have been bitten in the past.” 

A venomous brownsnake was also discovered on the site’s helipad where the celebs enter and exit the jungle camp. “Normally we don’t get these – we haven’t had one for 15 years. They prefer open paddocks and ours is a rainforest,” Bob told the Mirror. “Well last week we found one in the top helipad. They are very vicious snakes.”

But despite the influx of deadly nasties, Medic Bob assured viewers: “We’re not going to let anybody die whether it’s a celebrity or a crew member.” 


I’m a Celebrity continues tomorrow night at 9pm on ITV