Boxing champ Anthony Joshua beats Damian Lewis to lead Top Gear track times

The heavyweight boxer zooms past the Billions actor to top the Star In A Rallycross Car leaderboard


IBF heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua landed another knockout on Sunday night, beating actor Damian Lewis to lead the Top Gear Star in a Rallycross Car leaderboard.


Taking on the show’s revamped race track in Sunday’s third episode, Joshua tackled the dirt tracks, the water and the air jump in the suped up Mini Cooper to see off the Billions star’s leading time.

Oh yes, keen driver Lewis is bound to be miffed that Joshua’s 1.52.6 now tops his 1.53.9, which had been a three-second lead on nearest rival Gordon Ramsay (1.56.3).

Joshua hadn’t originally seemed that fussed about his lap, joking to presenter Chris Evans that he hoped to record a time at least half as good as that of fellow guest Kevin Hart, who was eager to prove his driving prowess.

The sportsman’s natural competitiveness was more apparent when he was behind the wheel though, the in-car camera showing him yelling at himself to “pick it up” as he whizzed around the course.

Hart, much to his disappointment, came in fourth with a time of 1.57.7.


Top Gear continues Sundays at 8pm on BBC2.