Finally, Bronn is back in Game of Thrones

The Blackfish also makes an appearance in the latest episode as Margaery returns to the Red Keep


Next week’s Game of Thrones is set to see the reappearance of a fan favourite. Bronn, the sellsword, Blackwater hero and Tyrion’s former right-hand-man, is returning to help Jaime Lannister take back lands captured by The Blackfish. 


And, talking of the Blackfish, Sansa’s great-uncle is also set to reappear in Monday’s episode, as the Freys and the Lannisters wage a muddy war.

Elsewhere in the North, Sansa, Jon and Davos are rallying houses to fight for their cause, while in Kings Landing Margaery has an emotional reunion with her family. 

And, across the ocean, Arra Stark is seen gazing wistfully out to sea and away from Braavos. 

Game of Thrones continues on Mondays at 2am and 9pm