Coronation Street: Caitlin dumps Craig and moves to Dundee! Colson Smith interview

The pair look set to end their relationship next week


Craig Tinker is to experience relationship heartache in the coming weeks when girlfriend Caitlin Ryan tells him that it’s over between them.


Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Caitlin end her and Craig’s romance when she drops the bombshell that she’s leaving for Dundee – rejecting his offer to move with her.

Craig has been devoted to Caitlin ever since the pair met on a camping holiday in August last year – and, here, actor Colson Smith reveals how his character will cope with life without her:

How are things going with Caitlin?
From Craig’s point of view, nothing could be better. He’s wholly in love, he’s really enjoying himself, having a great time. This is his first serious relationship – other than with the rat! He’s always taking Caitlin out and treating her right so Craig thinks he’s the perfect boyfriend. Everything is going right, but little does he know..

Has Craig noticed any changes in Caitlin’s behaviour?
He’s starting to see that she’s being a little bit off – she’s always on her phone, she’s a bit agitated but Craig just tries to ignore that and show her lots of attention and affection and make her feel special. The signs are there from her but Craig just can’t take the hint. He makes it more difficult for himself in the end.

What happens over dinner at the Bistro?
They go off for their date but Caitlin’s really off with Craig, being very blunt and not really engaging in conversation. He’s getting pushed away and, in a way, Caitlin’s trying to make it clear but Craig can’t see the signs. He would struggle to come to terms with the fact that he wasn’t what she wanted. At the dinner, he’s still in love and really trying.

Is Craig worried Caitlin’s going to dump him?
Not until she tells him she’s going to Dundee to go to art school. He’s ignoring the obvious signs up to that point.

How does he feel when she tells him she’s moving?
He’s a bit stunned at first but Craig being Craig decides he’s going to move out of his mum’s, go to Dundee and find a job there and they’ll get a flat together and live happily ever after.

Does he think their relationship could manage the distance?
Yes, he does. I think Craig would run through a brick wall for Caitlin.

Is he really willing to move to Dundee?
He would do anything to make it work. He’s sweet, innocent and totally unaware about what’s going to happen.

How does she respond to his offer?
Caitlin tells him bluntly that that’s not happening and it might be the end of the road for them and Craig’s heart slowly starts to break from then onwards. He’s never had this kind of relationship before, he’s never felt loved this way. His relationship with his mum is very rough and tough, even though she loves him and would do anything for him. Caitlin’s been like his rock recently and now he’s losing that. It’s really tough for him.

Have you enjoyed your first on-screen relationship?
It’s been great. Before Craig had his girlfriend, the public’s view was he’s so sweet and would do anything for anyone. That was on the back of Faye’s pregnancy storyline and that friendship could be seen as his first ‘relationship’. But with Caitlin, you see different sides to Craig, his art and spray painting for example. Characters need turning points and Craig being dumped will make him realise there’s more out there to explore.

Is it fun working with Eve Gordon?
It’s been really fun doing the story with Eve. She’s lovely and hopefully this will open many more doors for her.

Is there any relationship advice you’d pass on to Craig if you were his friend?
If I was Craig’s mate, I’d probably say man up! And tell him that there’s plenty more fish in the sea.

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