Who are the new Made in Chelsea cast members?

Jessica Molly Dixon and Olivia Bentley are sure to stir things up in series 11...


There are some new kids on the Chelsea block.


As well as Jamie Laing, Binky Felstead, Lucy Watson, Louise Thompson and the rest of the well-heeled tribe, there are two new faces stirring things up in series 11 of E4’s Made in Chelsea

Jessica Molly Dixon, 19, a lingerie entrepreneur who has just moved in with Tiffany Watson, is also friends with Toff, Jamie and Sam. She is described as “brutally honest” and used to the jet-set lifestyle, splitting her time between Monaco and LA with her parents who own a touring business for rock and pop bands.

She rarely tweets but there are a few exchanges with Made in Chelsea cast members Millie Wilkinson and Tiffany.

The second newcomer is Olivia Bentley, great-great-great granddaughter of the founder of Bentley Motors. She’s a fine art photographer who specialises in nudes. Yes, we can already predict the jokes ‘the bois’ will make about her line of work. She is described as “a tomboy” who has a romantic history with Sam Thompson, Tiffany’s boyfriend…

There are five couples on the show at the moment…but we get the feeling there may be fewer once these two get in the mix. And with no Spencer Matthews on the show, we’ll definitely need the newbies to create the love drama…


Series 11 of Made in Chelsea returns to E4 in March.