Inside Out director Pete Docter surprised his kids with a dog during Oscars acceptance speech

A golden Oscars statuette isn't the only new addition to the Docter household


You’d think seeing your dad’s talents recognised with the film industry’s most prestigious award would be exciting enough, but Inside Out director Pete Docter had another surprise for his kids during Sunday’s 88th Academy Awards.


They’d have only known it if they were paying close attention to their dad’s Oscar win, though…

Taking to the stage to collect the golden statuette for best animated film alongside his co-director Ronnie del Carmen, Docter spoke about sadness and creativity, calling for younger viewers to “make stuff, make films, draw, write.” But it was his thank-you scroll along the bottom of the screen (a new feature this year to cut down on lengthy acceptance speeches) that would have made his children Nick and Ellie very happy…

It seems Docter had promised his family that they could get a dog if he won an Academy Award.


This was Docter’s second Oscar, having won his first in 2009 for Up. We wonder what Nick and Ellie will get if he wins a third…