This Doctor Who Christmas tree will get you in the Who-liday spirit

‘tis the season to eat jelly (babies)

After ten years of festive specials there’s no show quite as Christmassy as Doctor Who, so we can totally get behind this ingenious Who-themed Xmas tree that an eagle-eyed redditor spotted at a local festival.


Propped up within the skeleton of a Tardis, the tree is also adorned with a Tom Baker-style scarf, Tardis roundels, Cybermen pictures and a Dalek or two, and overall it’s an impressive effort well worthy of the “best use of theme” commendation it apparently received. 

That said, we’d still advise everyone to keep far away from it at all costs. Because if there’s one thing we know about Doctor Who at Christmas, it’s that the trees always turn out to be deadly…


Doctor Who continues on BBC1 this Saturday at 8:00pm