Did you spot the Doctor Who villain on Sheldon’s desk in The Big Bang Theory?

Star Trek actor Wil Wheaton tweeted out a snap of the Time Lord's nemesis...


He’s often been likened to one, but did you know The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper actually has his very own Cyberman on his desk?


Wil Wheaton (of “shut up Wesley” Star Trek fame) was on set at Big Bang – where he plays Sheldon’s nemesis – when he tweeted a snap of Doctor Cooper’s workspace, revealing just how much of a devoted Whovian the character really is.

Of course, Doctor Who references in The Big Bang Theory are plentiful, and it’s most often Sheldon who’s involved.

Like that time he declared parties incomplete without a Tardis.

Or took over the ‘Tardis’ girlfriend Amy had won.

And delivered a damning verdict on one of his favourite Sci-Fi shows.


Hard to believe Jim Parsons has never watched an episode, isn’t it?