Doctor Who’s Michelle Gomez wants a Missy spin-off – but she needs your help

The actress speculated about the Who villain's future in a special Twitter Q&A over the weekend

When last we saw Missy she was attempting to strike a deal with the Daleks, leaving us wondering if we’d meet her again in Doctor Who series nine, but actress Michelle Gomez hasn’t ruled out the possibility of the tricky Time Lady become the star of her very own Who spin-off.


The actress was taking part in a Twitter Q&A over the weekend when a fan asked her if she’d be willing to star in a Missy spin-off series.

Gomez was understandably enthusiastic about the idea, but said she might need a little assistance to make it a reality.

But the idea wasn’t confined to one tweet. Throughout the Q&A, the actress came pretty close to establishing some major plot pillars for her own series, declaring that any companion of Missy’s would have to be willing to do her bidding “at all times” and deciding what her very own Tardis might look like.

Gomez – who says she feels as though Missy is in her DNA – recently told Radio Times that making the Master the Mistress “blows open new possibilities”, particularly when it comes to the character’s relationship with the Doctor’s companion, Clara.

And Jenna Coleman certainly thinks a Missy spin-off would be a cracking idea. “That would be good, right? She is absolutely brilliant”, the actress told Entertainment Weekly.

“I love Michelle. The problem is, I have to keep reminding myself that I’m not supposed to like her, because she’s just so funny, and you get so drawn in by her, and you’re like, “Hang on, you’re the bad guy!” To not [crack up] with Michelle is a real skill that I had to acquire otherwise we would never have got any shooting done.”

So would a Clara/Missy double act spin-off work?

And if you thought that combination was verging on lethal, wait until you read what Gomez had to say about the possibility of Missy meeting The Doctor’s missus, River Song.

Would you like a Missy spin-off? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Doctor Who series 9 continues on BBC1 on Saturday October 3rd at 8.25pm

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