Has Jamie Laing already cheated on new girl Naz in Made in Chelsea: LA?

Has Chelsea's playboy lied to his new love interest after just one date?

Oh, Jamie Laing, you might be loveable but you’re also a complete and utter scoundrel. Throughout most of tonight’s episode, the biscuit heir was bouncing around with glee at his new romance with Californian girl Naz, holding her hand, kissing her in front of his friends and taking her on an outing to a movie studio.


“It was the best date I’ve ever had in my life,” he told the “bois” with Tigger-like joy. If you didn’t know Jamie better, you’d think this was simply a nice, blossoming relationship. And clearly, that’s what Naz reckoned too. When Lucy asked whether the pair were “properly dating”, they agreed they were, with Jamie saying to his new lady love, “don’t hook up with anyone else”. “No, I won’t. I’m not like that,” replied Naz. It all boded so well.

But what Naz didn’t realise was that Jamie really is “like that.” The unusually insightful Alex summarised his friend’s romantic behaviour perfectly during a chat with JP. “Jamie is very good at convincing you that this girl he’s just met is The One. A week later she’s 21 in a list of women. He’s a bit of a joke.” Finally, someone’s nailed down the entire plot of Made in Chelsea!

As if we needed any more convincing that Jamie isn’t exactly ready to settle down, he told Jess that he and Naz were “just dating. That’s it. And she lives in LA, come on.”

Translation: “Er, obviously I am still going to see other girls, and soon I’ll be able to flee to London and never see her again.”

“You’re such a rascal,” said Jess, saying what we were all thinking, although we might have chosen a less polite word.

And the warning signs were certainly there for Jamie’s new sort-of girlfriend to pick up on. “I love that Jamie’s tried it on with all of us, that’s really awkward,” said Gabriella (yes, she’s back! And with blue hair!) during a pre-gym chat with Naz, Lucy and Binky.

But just like many MIC women before her, Naz was too charmed by Jamie’s boyish joy and affection to be bothered by this revelation.

However, she might want to rethink her trust in her new man because, judging by the trailer for next week’s episode, he’s already been naughty on a trip to Vegas. The clip cuts to a happy Naz telling JP, “well we did talk about how we’re, like, dating together exclusively” to which a rather disbelieving JP replied: “you guys have said that you’re exclusive?”. Translation: Jamie absolutely is not treating this as exclusive.

Oh dear.

Things looks like set to get even messier, with Alex giving Jamie a nice, encouraging talk – “mate, you’re in at the deep end. Drowning” – to which Jamie says those Famous Last Words: “no, I actually have it completely under control, one hundred per cent.”

Except he clearly doesn’t, because the clip shows a pretty furious Naz asking, “why is everyone acting so fishy, why is everyone acting as if something is wrong?” And then whatever control Jamie thought he had is promptly lost. Defensive, wound-up and rather flustered he responds: “Yes, I hooked up with a chick.”

Ouch. Will Naz stick around or refuse to talk to Jamie again? Or maybe she’ll set her sights on another one of the Chelsea boys? That would made for some excellent drama. Either way, good luck explaining your way out of this one, Jamie.


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