It’s a wrap on Special Correspondents and Ricky Gervais is celebrating

Filming has finished on the set of the Netflix movie which also stars Eric Bana, America Ferrera and Vera Farmiga

For the past six weeks, Ricky Gervais, Eric Bana and the rest of the cast of Special Correspondents have been beavering away in New York city, filming material for the upcoming Netflix film. 


But yesterday the cast and crew wrapped on the movie charting a New York radio journalist Frank (Bana) who fakes frontline war reports from the comfort of his office in Manhattan. And Ricky marked the moment in Gervaisian style with a silly face, a glass of bubbly and a blog post. 

Confirming that he and the cast – which also includes America Ferrera and Vera Farmiga – had completed principal photography, Gervais wrote: “It really couldn’t have gone much better. Just a three or four month edit now in London.

“It’s lovely knowing you’ve got so much amazing stuff in the can to cut and polish. I reckon I’ll have about 150 minutes to tighten to a pacy 100 minutes. I used to get a bit sad about losing so much material, but then I realised you’re not really losing anything; you’re gaining a great movie.”


The writer, actor and comedian also confirmed he would begin pre-produciton on his David Brent film Life on the Road towards the end of Special Correspondents’ post-production. He added that the “script is in good shape with wall-to-wall funny scenes” but he’s aware of “the need to keep the low fi charm of the quaint docu-soap.”

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