The 10 best Doctor Who scenes you didn’t see on TV

From the reveal of River Song's fate to a clip of David Tennant saying "bingle bongle dingle dangle," we count down the ten best scenes you've never seen on Saturday night BBC1...


There just isn’t enough Doctor Who on TV these days (and by that we mean the BBC doesn’t air 365 episodes a year.) Luckily, though, Nu Who does tend to go beyond the screen and turn up elsewhere – whether it be in the form of deleted scenes, online minisodes or DVD extras. All vital for fans who just can’t take the wait anymore. 


So here, to tide you over, is ten of the best scenes that you never saw on TV… 

10. Dressed for Rio 

There’s three important things to take from this Hungry Earth deleted scene. 1) It shows Amy actually asking about that weird scene where future Amy and Rory wave at them from the hill top. 2) It sees Amy’s worry about the fact that it’s been the night before her wedding for months and, 3) It expands on that bit where Amy said she was dressed for Rio. 


Interesting, this deleted scene doesn’t appear on any DVDs, and instead only survives from an episode of Doctor Who Confidential.