Chris Pratt thanks Jurassic World fans for their “overwhelmingly positive response” to film

Jurassic World star Chris Pratt has taken to social media to thank cinema-goers on behalf of everyone involved in the making of the dinosaur sequel

Chris Pratt is pretty pleased by how well Jurassic World is doing at the box office.


The movie, which returns to Isla Nublar 22 years after the events of Jurassic Park, took an impressive $18.5 million on its opening night in the US. And Pratt, who plays Velociraptor trainer Owen Grady, has taken to his official Facebook page to thank cinema-goers.

“On behalf of everyone involved in the making of ‪#‎JurassicWorld‬, and believe me there are thousands of us, I want to say thank you,” Pratt writes. 

“It feels so wonderful to hear the overwhelmingly positive response. We are incredibly blessed and overcome with joy at the outcome of the movie and couldn’t be more appreciative for the amazing support you’ve shown so far. This is bigger than all of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Jurassic World, which hit UK cinemas on Thursday, sees a dinosaur theme park up and running where Jurassic Park used to be. The World attracts thousands of visitors each day, but with admissions dropping the park’s scientists create a brand new dinosaur. And, naturally, it doesn’t go to plan. 

The film also stars Bryce Dallas Howard, Jake Johnson and Vincent D’Onofrio. 


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