Remember JoJo? The Leave (Get Out) singer is releasing a new song

We've been waiting nine years (for ya, babe) but noughties chart-topper JoJo is back with a brand new track titled Far From Heaven


Remember JoJo?


No? Right, leave. Seriously get out. This is it. The end of you and me, reader. 

I’m only joking. Lets rewind a little. It’s summer 2004. Tony Blair is prime minister. Christopher Eccleston has just been announced as the star of a Doctor Who reboot. The final episode of Friends recently aired on Channel 4, and you’re still seriously upset. Mean Girls is in cinemas. Facebook has just launched, but you don’t use it yet. And you’re experimenting with embroidered denim and lusting after a pair of genuine Ugg boots (just me?)

Then this catchy tune appeared at Number 2 in the official UK singles chart. 

You quickly learned all the words and sung it with your friends in the PE changing rooms. (Just me again?)

Then you realised the singer, JoJo, was 13, younger than you and already had a record deal. You were suddenly disillusioned with your state school education and upped your time spent singing loudly in your bedroom. The only place where you could just, like, be yourself.

Then this classic came out: 

Her album went platinum. She won awards. She was offered a role with Miley Cyrus on Hannah Montana. But then after a while JoJo disappeared, and so did your dreams of making it big like Hear’Say on Popstars. (Those GCSEs were fast approaching and that maths homework wasn’t going to do itself.)

But now? After nine years, she’s back. She’s not 13 any more and she’s ditched the stripy highlights. But it’s JoJo alright, singing a brand new track titled Far From Heaven


It seems it’s not too little too late. Keep those dreams alive, people.