Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

16-20 March: the Erinsborough Festival opens with a bang, while Harold has a special visitor

Monday 16 March


Imogen puts her feelings for Daniel aside and helps to organise his special day, but finds herself getting a little carried away. Things turn nasty when Amber inadvertently takes photos of Dimatoʼs associates while out on a job for the West Waratah Star. Paige, Lauren and Amber put on a puppet show to cheer up a dispirited Bailey after he has recovered from his post- training dehydration. 

Tuesday 17 March

Josh starts to accept his new-found friendship with Amber. Brennan and Naomi are finally an item, but Naomi reacts negatively to Brennanʼs suggestion of a double date with Chris and Nate. Paige is upset after discovering that Brennan and Naomi are officially together. In an effort to bury her heart, she decides to go for it with Tyler. Lucy gets in touch from the States to tell Chris that she is pregnant, but he and Nate cannot visit her because Nate is not allowed to enter the country. 

Wednesday 18 March

The opening day of the inaugural Erinsborough Festival arrives, but events do not run smoothly. Conflicted over her feelings for the Brennan brothers, Paige now resolutely avoids both of them. Chris is reminded that Nate does not want to become a father. Paul tries a new tactic to break up Amber and Daniel. Harold accidentally drives into the festival marquee and when he comes to, he sees a familiar face in the passenger seat… Madge! 

Thursday 19 March

Harold is confused after the accident, and Karl is concerned that he has had a stroke or a heart attack. It is bedlam at the festival – the plumbing has gone haywire, there is minor flooding and the first aid station is swamped with injured festival goers. When Kyle has to cancel a ballet date with Georgia due to the disaster at Lassiterʼs, Nick steps in and offers to be her plus-one. Matt starts to feel the pressure when his worlds collide. 

Friday 20 March


Harold has lunch with Daniel and Amber in an effort to find out if Amber is suitable for his grandson, but when Imogen turns up Harold admits that he has reservations and wonders if Daniel is with the right person. Naomiʼs insecurities get the better of her and she confronts Brennan about his feelings for Paige. Nick is confident that he has laid the ground work to win his wager with Paul.