Steven Moffat: ‘We don’t know when the Sherlock special will be on TV’

“I know it won’t be for a while, and I suspect it’s going to be end of year-ish, and as everyone has seen, it’s Victorian”

Steven Moffat freely admits he sometimes has to lie about his programmes to protect their secrets. But there’s one thing he promises he’s not lying about: whether he knows when the much-anticipated Sherlock special will be shown.


“I can only tell you the truth. The honestly truthful thing I can say is we don’t know when it’s going to go on, and people keep asking” he told “I know it won’t be for a while, and I suspect it’s going to be end of year-ish, and as everyone has seen, it’s Victorian.”

Speculation is rife that the special will be set at Christmas, possibly adapting the Yuletide favourite The Blue Carbuncle. And those Victorian costumes all the cast have been wearing look ever so festive…

“I don’t suppose [Victorians] went around thinking ‘hey, it’s Christmas everyday’ but it does look festive, yeah,” he allows. ”That’s not me hinting it’s Christmas day. I have no reason to suppose that.”

It might or might not be Christmas, but Moffat has reason to be gleeful. He gets to play with his friend Mark Gatiss. The special is the first time the two have shared the writing duties.

“It’s the first time that Mark and I officially have written it together. Unofficially we always write it together, but it’s the first time officially we’ve actually sat in a room to write it.”  

Apparently there are no Simon and Garfunkel style disagreements between the co-writers. Far from it. “We get on amazingly well Mark and me. We’ve never disagreed on anything. We just don’t we sit there chorusing agreement at each other.

“We’re peas in a pod when it comes to this show, and many other things.”

Indeed, one of the things they often agree on is another little show Mr Moffat runs, Doctor Who. Again, Moffat didn’t lie, but hardly spilled the beans:


“We’re filming our first two parter at the moment, which in fact are going to be episodes three and four of the new series, a brilliant script by Toby. Then there’s a couple more lined up from other writers, some new, some old, some middle aged frankly. It’s a little bit early to start teasing it but I’m a little bit excited. I think we’ve got some very, very good stuff going on.”