Jenna Coleman steals top billing from Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who opening credits

As the series finale began, fans were treated to a taste of a world where Clara is the Doctor...

If you’ve ever wondered what a female-led version of Doctor Who would look like tonight’s opening credits gave a glimpse, in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it gag that saw Jenna Coleman’s companion take the lead over Peter Capaldi’s Doctor.


Clara has stood in for the Doctor once or twice already this series (most notably in Flatline), but in Saturday night’s episode the theme was taken further as she tried to convince the Cyberman she really was the man from Gallifrey.

And you can see why it gave the metal baddies pause for thought – in a world where we’ve already seen one male Time Lord (the Master) change his gender through regeneration, why couldn’t Clara be the Doctor reborn?

Of course it was all a ploy to keep the Cybermen off her back, but Clara’s listing of obscure Doctor ‘facts’ (who knew he’d been married four times?) was enough for the production team to give us a fun glimpse of a world where Jenna Coleman is the Time Lord.

No longer playing second fiddle to Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, Coleman’s name preceded Capaldi’s in the opening credits, and the usual still of Capaldi’s “attack eyebrows” was replaced by the calmer sight of Coleman’s big ol’ brown eyes.

Despite appearances, it’ll probably be a while before we see a female Doctor – but if there’s one thing we’ve learned from this series of Doctor Who, it’s that Jenna Coleman would probably do a pretty good job of it. Even if it was just a joke, it was good to see her in pride of place after some great performances.


On the other hand her opening credit eyebrows are basically an insult compared to the glory of Capaldi’s, so one time deal, yeah?