Best film and TV Halloween pumpkin carvings

From Doctor Who to Star Wars these pumpkin carvers have elevated the Halloween tradition to an art form

Thought pumpkin carving was just about scooping out the middle and cutting in a slightly wonky face? Think again. Pumpkin carving has gone turbo. These dedicated pumpkin carvers show what can be achieved with a bit of imagination, a few tools, hours of time and some mad skills…


Star Trek: Khan

via enterpriseghosts Tumblr

Star Wars: Yoda

Pinterest Pinterest via Kevin Rae

Doctor Who: Dalek

Pinterest via Moira Parker

Star Trek: Spock

Pinterest via Amberley Barrow 

Peter Pan: Tinkerbell

Pinterest via Jessica Gaffney

Toy Story: Woody

Pinterest via Jon Frow

Mary Poppins

Pinterest via Vicky Booton

Star Trek

Pinterest via Emily Hindle

Monster Inc: Mike

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Wreck it Ralph

Pinterest via Louise Conway

The Little Mermaid

Pinterest via Emma Cahill 

Harry Potter: house crest

Pinterest Abbey Owen


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