Gordon Ramsay may do more Kitchen Nightmares – if the ulcers go away

Ramsay heads to the Costa Del Sol for what’s billed as the final series, but the chef admits “it may come back” saying for now his stomach just needs a rest

Ten years into the Kitchen Nightmares series, chef Gordon Ramsay is off to the Costa Del Sol in what’s billed as the final run of the show. But he may come back. If his stomach ulcers go away.


“Let’s not say it’s going away and finishing forever. It may come back. It depends on my ulcers,” Ramsay says, who reveals he’s had eleven or twelve stomach ulcers during the “tempestuous” journey of Nightmares.

Ramsay admits he regularly carries indigestion tablets during filming, as he’s often faced with some questionable meals in struggling restaurants. So while he says everyone’s asking for the show to come back, he wants a rest. “I want my stomach to have a rest.”

“I want my stomach to have 12 months without ulcers. I want to get back to eating normally,” he adds.

But, indigestion issues aside, he’s still got the “hunger” to get businesses back on the map, admitting that stopping the series for a while and returning at a later date could work well.

“I want to take a rest. I want to come back with something strong. I think it’s good to stop. I want to get out on top. More importantly, I want to come back twice as strong.”


See Ramsay’s Costa Del Nightmares tonight at 9:00pm on Channel 4