Let the wedding see the ring: Take Me Out couple celebrate marriage

Dave Cobain turned Adele Vallacott's light off on the ITV dating show - but the two got together at a reunion party...

In 2012, after being told by host Paddy McGuiness to remember: “no likey, no lighty,” Take Me Out contestant Adele Vallacott kept her light on for future love Dave Cobain. He instead picked Lucy Evans. However, a few months later, Vallacott and Cobain hit it off at a reunion party – leading to not only a Take Me Out baby in 2013, but a Take Me Out wedding. 


For those not acquainted with the ITV dating show, 30 single women stand behind white lights, each with a button in from of them, and wait for a fellow single man to come down the ‘love lift’. The men then introduce themselves and show off a talent – singing a song, maybe, or doing a back-flip – before the women decide if they want to keep their lights on. The men with lights still on at the end of their audition get a date and, more importantly, a free holiday to the fictional island of Fernandos. 

Vallacott and Cobain tied the knot in front of family, friends and other contestants earlier this week at Cwrt Bleddyn Hotel in Monmouthshire, South Wales. For their honeymoon, the couple will take a cruise around the Canary Islands – including a stop at Tenerife, the real location behind Fernandos. 

They’re the second couple from the dating show to get married, with series five’s Lindsay McCartney and Andrew Shaw becoming the first in 2012.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Vallacott said: “I met Paddy [McGuinness, host] again a while back when I did a pilot for another show. He joked about being invited to the wedding but we didn’t think he’d want to come all the way to Wales. We keep in touch with some of the production team and they tell us he often asks how we are.”

She also added that Cobain may never be forgiven for first turning her down on the show. 

“We love telling people how we met. It’s such a lovely story. People say to Dave, ‘I bet you never live it down that you turned her light off’.”


Series seven of Take Me Out is expected to air early 2015.