Made in Chelsea’s Louise Thompson: I’m done crying over boys

"I actually don't cry all the time. Hopefully this series will be more of a reflection of my true character"

Fans of Made in Chelsea expecting another series of tears and tantrums from Louise Thompson are going to be in for a shock.


The diminutive brunette says she will no longer be seen crying over boys after becoming frustrated with her portrayal as SW3’s resident emotional wreck.

“I actually don’t cry the whole time,” she explains. “When I go home at night, it’s not like I’m constantly crying over break-ups and exes. This series is much better for me because I’m more in control of my life in general. Hopefully it will be more of a reflection of my true character.”

Louise’s erratic love life has provided some of the show’s most intriguing storylines in recent series, with her on-off romances with Spencer and Andy frequently reducing her to a blubbering wreck.

However, after more than two years on the show, Louise says she has finally learnt the value of keeping some aspects of her life away from the camera.

“In hindsight, it was not the greatest idea to have two relationships on the show but you can’t choose who you fancy and then fall in love with. I’m really not very good at defending myself and I put myself in stupid situations. Then, when it comes out on TV, I think ‘Why the hell did I let that happen?’”

Could this new pragmatism signal a more ruthless approach to Spencer, the scheming ex who she seems bafflingly determined to maintain as a friend? She laughs and rolls her eyes.

“I think people think I’m mad but I’ve known him for so long and I think people forget that. There was a friendship there way before the show started so it’s not that he’s just come in and ruined my life.”

However, for the time being, Louise has more important matters on her mind as she waits to hear whether she will be one of the cast members selected to fly out to New York next month to film a six-part special.

“It’s so exciting. I think we may all behave a bit differently out there. It’s kind of like a non-holiday. Everyone will either be really overexcited or really homesick, I don’t know… The trips can be pretty stressful.”

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