Coronation Street spoilers: Paula Lane teases Christmas 2013 plotlines

“It’s three weeks of pure, solid drama for the Platts,” says the actress

Paula Lane has revealed that the Platt family will be at the centre of the action during Coronation Street’s Christmas episodes.


“It’s three weeks of pure, solid drama for the Platts,” Lane told “It’s been absolute chaos to film because we’ve done 15 episodes back to back. And let’s just say that it’s not going to be a happy Christmas for my on-screen family. But it might lead to happier times.”

Lane, who plays Kylie Platt in the ITV soap, was speaking at the unveiling of the Street’s state-of-the-art new home in Trafford. And although she confessed to being “excited” by the move, the actress admitted that the filming schedule in the run-up to the switchover had been punishing:

“It’s been pretty gruelling. We’ve done double the workload for the past six to eight months. Our producer Stuart Blackburn warned us in advance and said that he was always on hand if any of us were struggling. He couldn’t promise that it was going to get easier, which it didn’t.

“But I don’t think the show has suffered because of it. Sometimes it makes you work harder when you’ve got nothing else left in the tank. And Helen Worth [who plays Gail] has had me under her wing all the time. Even you’re an emotional wreck, she has this ability to pick you up and help you get on with it.”

And what can viewers expect Kylie to be up to now that her marriage into David (Jack P Shepherd) has run into such difficulties?


“I’m going to be back in the salon, which is lovely. The audience will get to see a lot of the old Kylie come back. She even gets to wear more vibrant colours again – I get rid of that black uniform that I had in the Bistro, which wasn’t one of my favourites if I’m honest. And as for David? Well, you’ve got to hit rock bottom before you can come back up. So there might be a little bit of hope.”