Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan: I’m writing a film

Matt Smith's former companion tells she has put pen to paper on a secret new project

Karen Gillan may have left Doctor Who to star in films, but now she’s started writing her own. Talking to, the former companion announced she is drafting a script to her very own movie.


“I’m writing something at the moment that I don’t really want to talk about, because I don’t feel like it’s time yet. But I’m in the middle of something right now.”

Asked for a sneak peak, Gillan exclusively revealed: “It’s a film.”

Thanks for that Karen.

The Scottish former red head plays a novelist in Not Another Happy Ending, and admits the profession is close to her heart. “Writing definitely appeals to me, I think it’s amazing and I indulge in it.”

Gillan is also appearing as the bald villain in upcoming blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy, requiring her to shave her head. Despite this, she insists she hasn’t outgrown the small screen: “I hope I haven’t left TV behind, it just seemed to have panned out that way.”

True to her word, Gillan will appear in Charlie Brooker’s a Touch of Cloth later this year. She explained: “It’s a spoof of all the detective shows, which is really funny because I’ve been talking about it to people who are American and they’ve been like ‘that must be the driest thing in the world’ and I’m like ‘Yeah.’”