Films on TV Tonight, Tuesday 28 August

An eclectic range of films including family chaos from The Simpsons before an evening of Rain Man, Easy A, Hard Target and Love Exposure

The Simpsons Movie – 7:15pm, Film4


America’s much-loved animated family tackle an environmental disaster that threatens to bring destruction to Springfield in this big screen outing from 2007. Dan Castellaneta and Julie Kavner lend their vocal talents.

Rain Man – 10:00pm, ITV3

Poignant drama featuring an Oscar-winning turn from Dustin Hoffman. When self-obsessed hustler Charlie Babbitt is disinherited in favour of his autistic older brother Raymond, he takes him out of care and heads to California. Supporting cast includes Valeria Golino and Jerry Molen.

Hard Target  – 10:00pm, ITV4

Violent action thriller about a young woman (Yancy Butler) who travels to New Orleans in search of her missing father and, with the help of a tough drifter (Jean-Claude Van Damme), discovers he has become the victim of a deadly organisation.

Easy A – 10:30pm, Sky Movies Drama and Romance

This sharp high-school comedy features a breakout performance from Emma Stone as a student who becomes saddled with a bad reputation due to a string of well-meant lies. Co-starring Amanda Bynes, Penn Badgley and Thomas Haden Church.

Love Exposure – 11:05pm, Film4

Japanese drama starring Takahiro Nishijima about a young man led into a world of gangs and intrusive photography after he suffers intense family trauma. 

Green Fingers – 11:45pm, BBC1


Gentle comedy drama in which a convicted murderer (Clive Owen) who, whilst serving time in an open prison, secures the attentions of a celebrity gardener played by Helen Mirren.