Is Cluedo’s Dr Orchid the board game’s first non-white character?

Manufacturers Hasbro are yet to confirm the new suspect's ethnicity, although they have released images of her


Classic murder mystery board game Cluedo has killed off its whitest character – Mrs White, the white cook, who dresses all in white – to replace her with a new Asian character, Dr Orchid.

Well at least, we think she’s Asian. Hasbro are yet to confirm her ethnicity to their UK press office, who say the fact that Mrs White took the fall is “probably accidental”.

Whatever the reason, it’s a welcome change, with Dr Orchid apparently becoming the first non-white character in the game’s otherwise multi-coloured history.


Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, Reverend Green and Professor Plum all appear to be white – although it’s true, we never do get to see a picture of murder victim Dr Black…

Cluedo kills off Mrs White and replaces her with new female character Dr Orchid