CBeebies Prom: Tiny Clanger, Mr Bloom and William Shakespeare at the Royal Albert Hall

Jacob Howard, his wife and their two-year-old daughter went to their first ever Prom on Sunday - and Mummy and Daddy were soon being shushed


Thanks to a certain famous street party, August bank holiday in London is always action-packed, but for our little daughter it was made even more special by a trip to the Royal Albert Hall for the CBeebies Prom.


Being greeted by the cast of Furchester Hotel and the Go Jetters at the box office was a great way to start. We took our seats, the houselights turned down to a chorus of oohs and ahhs, and up popped a few familiar Cbeebies faces – and William Shakespeare – to loud applause.

“Hello Cbeebies Prommers!” cried Andy (of Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures fame), as they introduced the BBC orchestra and conductor Jessica Cotiss who were to take their audience on a musical journey (“We can go anywhere with music and you can come too!”).

The Prom was expertly arranged to keep its fans in thrall, mixing Cbeebies favourites with a classical repertoire. The appearances of Mr Tumble via video link to introduce each piece of music created mayhem and held the audience’s attention.

Our daughter loved every second, shushing her parents during the quieter sections of Beethoven’s Merry Gathering and having a vigorous go at conducting Richard Strauss’s Zarathustra as Tiny Clanger took everyone into space.

The concert was raucous and clearly enjoyed by its young audience. The finale was a long conga line through the stalls, getting us in perfect the mood for a trip to the Notting Hill Carnival!

Watch the CBeebies Prom

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