Hollyoaks: a new family is arriving this spring

Meet the Maaliks!


Hollyoaks welcomes the Maalik family this spring, and their arrival is set to shake up the village. 


Misbah Maalik, played by Harvey Virdi, and her daughter Farrah, played by Krupa Pattani, will join teenager Yasmine (Haiesha Mistry) who has already appeared on screen, to form an all-new clan. 

As glimpsed in the Hollyoaks spring trailer, Misbah will start work as a doctor at Dee Valley hospital (scene of the infamous Gloved Hand murders). Described as a consummate professional when it comes to medicine, but clumsy and chaotic when it comes to her home life, Misbah is the super-mum of the lively Maaliks. 

Harvey Virdi, who has also starred in The Kumars and Bend It Like Beckham, and who Coronation Street fans may recognise as temptress Nina Mandal who bedded corner shop Casanova Dev Alahan back in 2008, says of her new role: “I’m really excited to be joining Hollyoaks and working with such a talented cast and crew. Misbah is quirky, super-bright and forward-thinking, and she’s brought her daughters up to be strong, independent women. People might say she’s bossy – but I’d say she knows what she wants…” 

Krupa Pattani, whose other credits include Citizen Khan and MI High, says of spirited clinical psychologist Farrah: “I can’t believe I’m getting to play such a unique and free spirited character in this wonderful family. I’m absolutely thrilled to be joining the show.” 

Farrah and Misbah will be roaring into Hollyoaks (literally in Farrah’s case, as she’s shown riding a motorbike in the trailer) in the next few months. 


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm, and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.