New Channel 4 thriller The Gathering stars Eva Morgan as Kelly, a teenager competing in the world of elite gymnastics who is attacked while at an illegal rave.


Throughout the series, we're introduced to a host of characters, including Kelly's father Paul, played by Warren Brown, and her gymnastics teammate/rival Jessica, played by Sadie Soverall, many of whom would have a motive for the attack. But who was it that did the crime?

Speaking exclusively with, the show's cast explained that this element of the series will keep people gripped and guessing, with Brown revealing that even members of the cast didn't know who did it as they filmed the episodes.

Brown explained: "In the olden days you would get a full series and you would know everything from start to finish. More-so nowadays, that's not the case. I didn't know for a long time, actually. And also, you're shooting in blocks so you're doing the first few episodes, then the next block of two, and then the final block of two.

"But it was something when I first read that we didn't know, and I was like right, I really want to find out. Then even when we're shooting, we were having a conversation one day on the way to set and I was talking about 'I don't know who it is, and I think it's this and I think it’s that', and you [Morgan] were like, 'Do you want me to tell you?' And I was like, 'No! It's not?!'

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Warren Brown as Paul in The Gathering, wearing a suit and looking at the camera
Warren Brown as Paul in The Gathering. James Stack / Channel 4 / World Productions

"Hopefully if we're kind of involved from the point of knowing so much that's going on, and certainly from my own case going [shocked face], and wanting to know and then it having that effect, hopefully that kind of transcends to an audience as well when they view it."

Meanwhile, Morgan added: "I think the fact that it was kind of a conversation on set or between the actors.... I mean, I signed on and I didn't know who it was myself.

"I think it kind of had that ripple effect on set with cast and crew, where people didn't want to know – 'don't tell me!' – because we didn't get the final episode for a while, which was quite exciting. I think that was hopefully a reflection that it'll happen to audiences as well."

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Soverall said: "I think in the first week we were all kind of like, ‘who is it?’ because we still didn't know and everyone has a reason.

"That's what's so clever about the way Helen's written it, is that it could be argued, even if it's very far-fetched, that a lot of characters could be the culprits. That's what keeps you on the edge of your seat."

Brown also spoke with about why he was drawn to his role in the series, calling the scripts "gripping", "harrowing" and "an emotional rollercoaster".

The Gathering will air on Channel 4 from Tuesday 14th May at 9pm.


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