This article includes discussion of sexual abuse that some readers may find distressing.


Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) found evidence that her abuser, sexual predator Nathan Curtis (Christopher Harper), continues to groom and target vulnerable young girls in tonight's Coronation Street (10th May 2024).

After insisting that she had seen Nathan in Weatherfield, Bethany had a falling out with boyfriend Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard), who did not believe her. He paid her a visit at her mum, Sarah Barlow's (Tina O'Brien) home, where Daniel offered to take Bethany away for a holiday, and continued to assume she was imagining things where Nathan was concerned.

Bethany viewed the reconstruction footage of the missing Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton), and as she showed Daniel that Nathan was in the shot, confirming what she had said all along, Bethany became obsessed with the idea that Nathan could have killed Lauren.

At the police station, DS Swain (Vicky Myers) revealed that the letter informing Bethany of Nathan's release from prison had been sent to her old London address, but obviously was never followed up to ensure she received the news.

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Bethany pointed out that Swain's detective skills were lacking, given that a convicted sex offender was roaming the local area while Lauren was presumed murdered, yet the police hadn't suspected Nathan. Furious, Bethany persuaded Daniel into joining her when she tracked down the company Nathan was now working for.

Coming face to face with the man who sexually abused and exploited her, Bethany accused Nathan of hurting Lauren, and he refused to answer, and inadvertently revealed his new identity with the name 'Joe'.

Bethany clocked Nathan using his phone passcode, then stole the device and handed it over to DS Swain, insisting that she had seen proof that Nathan had subscribed to Lauren's O-Vidz account.

Swain spoke to Nathan, who had arrived at the station to clear his name. She relayed to Bethany and Daniel that Nathan had a confirmed alibi, and was cooperating. Swain's decision to believe Nathan caused Bethany great distress, as she claimed that Nathan must still be actively grooming girls and passing them around to his mates.

Later, Daniel enlisted his nephew, Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson), to help him warn Nathan to leave town, unless he wanted his new boss to hear about his sex offender status.

Nathan appeared to agree, while at Daniel's flat, Bethany managed to log in to Nathan's O-Vidz account, where she found messages of Nathan asking a girl to "hook up".

The girl replied that she couldn't because she was "grounded", confirming Bethany's suspicions that Nathan was still going after underage girls and had picked up right where he left off. Will she be able to bring Nathan down once and for all?

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