Mel is in “a lot of danger” at Christmas, says EastEnders star Tamzin Outhwaite

Should the bride-to-be be scared of Ray?

Mel and Ray on EastEnders

Mel Owen looks set to put herself in big danger this festive season on EastEnders when her plan to get revenge on duplicitous partner Ray Kelly spirals out of control.


Viewers now know that Mel is trying to unite the different women who have all been wronged by Ray in order to exact payback. But show bosses are planning an explosive series of events as Mel’s scheme goes horribly awry. “There’s a lot of danger. It’s got danger written all over it,” said Tamzin Outhwaite.

Sean Mahon – who plays the sinister Ray – also hinted that Mel might have bitten off more than she can chew. “Ray is a dangerous person. And I think that if you’re married to a dangerous person, it doesn’t bode well. On the wedding day itself, some events happen that may challenge Mel’s ability to win the day.”

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EastEnders has already revealed that one character will be left with blood on their hands at the climax to Christmas. So might it be Mel or even Ray that comes a cropper? Speaking about the possibility of his character getting killed off, Mahon added:

“Every story has a villain and there has to be pay-off in some shape or form. If it ever came to a time where Ray had to go it’d be disappointing because I love working with these people. But if it serves the story, it serves the story.”

On the topic of what fans can expect to see, Outhwaite noted: “It’s massive. It’s just revelation after revelation.”


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