Neil Morrissey – I could easily be persuaded to do a Men Behaving Badly revival

The Line of Duty star on the possibility of a reunion with Martin Clunes, his first TV crush and watching Bulgarian women weightlifters

What’s your guilty pleasure?


Australian MasterChef. It’s partly loyalty to my beloved, who’s from Down Under, partly the vernacular.

Have you ever considered going on Celebrity MasterChef?

People tell me I should go on because I adore cooking, but I’m not sure if I want to do it on telly – they seem so ruddy tense!

Line of Duty is a rare serious TV role. Can we expect more?

I’d love to do more Line of Duty! A period drama would also be great, but there are so many lovely, floppy-haired boy-actors out there.

Let’s not forget your starring role as Bob the Builder. Do children mob you in the supermarket?

Parents recognise me and children have burst into tears when the mother has gone – “Look, that’s Bob the Builder!” “No,” I say, “I’m a friend of Bob’s but I sound like him.” Then I do the voice and their faces light up. The best thing is leaving messages on answer machines.

What makes you blush?

I don’t like watching anything too pornographic.

What makes you reach for the hankies?

Oh gosh, loads. A really sad story on Australian MasterChef can bring a tear to my eye, it really can.

Do you tune in to Radio 4 or Radio 2?

I love both. I think Radio 4 is the most subversive station in its gentle English way. Martin Clunes got me into it because he insisted on listening to The Archers in the car.

What would you delete from your partner’s watchlist?

I didn’t really like America’s Next Top Model but she ground me down. It becomes like a soap: the horribly bitchy girls and Tyra Banks with her bottom lip quivering.

Who was your first crush?

The girl with dark hair in Blake’s 7. She travelled around the universe in a spaceship in a catsuit.

Who’s left you star-struck?

Al Pacino. But generally it’s sports people, not actors – like when I had a lunch once with Steve Redgrave and Matthew Pinsent.

Which Olympic events will you be tuning in to?

I can get into everything. I like the obscure things – who doesn’t like watching the Bulgarian women do weightlifting?

If Men Behaving Badly were to be revived, could you be tempted?

It would depend on the script but I could be persuaded. Easily.

Martin Clunes told us he couldn’t be tempted to do a reunion because he’s aged better and it would be embarrassing for his old co-stars…

Martin wakes up and irons his face. That’s the difference. Whereas I’m more au naturale.


1. Jamie Oliver or Nigel Slater?

Nigel Slater

2. Stephen Fry or Hugh Laurie?

Don’t make me choose…

3. Michael McIntyre or Sarah Millican?

Sarah Millican

4. EastEnders or Corrie?

Blimey, I don’t really watch either.

5. Towie or Made in Chelsea?

Neither. I know I’d be sucked in and that would be my life for the next ten years. 


Neil Morrissey is in Line of Duty tonight at 9:00pm on BBC2