Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

26-30 May: Naomi and old rival Polly Tranner fight over Charles, while Brad enlists the services of a private investigator

Monday 26 May


When Brad throws himself into organising yoga classes, Terese assumes he’s keeping busy as a way of coping with his father’s diagnosis, but what is he really up to? Polly Tranner’s arrival in town spells trouble for Naomi, who insists the confiscated painting was a gift from her ex-lover. Paul initially threatens to press charges against her for selling him stolen goods, before making an indecent proposal.

Tuesday 27 May

Sienna tries to remain supportive of Brennan as he continues to suffer in the aftermath of Kate’s death, but she oversteps the mark by initiating a kiss. A suspicious Sheila confronts Paul when she hears he has suddenly dropped the charges against Naomi, while Terese struggles with Brad’s busy new life, unaware he has hired a private investigator to find his daughter.

Wednesday 28 May

Naomi’s ex Charles Tranner arrives in town to confirm the painting was given to her as a parting gift, and once again she falls for his charms. Sheila tries to warn her to steer clear of him, causing more tension between mother and daughter. Meanwhile, Brennan tells Sienna she must find somewhere else to stay and Sonya suspects Callum intends to take his relationship with Josie to the next level.

Thursday 29 May

Unable to cope with the idea of Callum growing up so fast, Sonya sabotages his night with Josie by asking the pair to babysit. Sheila is certain that Charles is stringing Naomi along and goes as far as to interrupt their date. Daniel helps Amber with a photoshoot to promote the Waterhole, and Terese is so impressed with his ideas that she offers him a job.

Friday 30 May


As Brad downplays the success of his yoga classes, Terese consults Imogen’s counsellor about her perception of the family’s streak of bad luck. Callum confides in Bailey about taking the next step with Josie, prompting his friend to question his own love life – and make an enemy in the process. Georgia persuades Chris to ask Will for a date.