Doctor Who Christmas Gift Guide

From the Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver to the Fourth Doctor's scarf, a Tardis Christmas tree decoration to a Dalek oven glove, we have gift ideas to suit every Doctor Who fan

Be the (Time) Lord of your living room… or bathroom


Sonic Screwdriver remote control

Not only does this Sonic Screwdriver give you the power to control your television and other electronic devices with a flick of the wrist, it also offers authentic Doctor Who sound effects, secret functions and the best-quality replica of the Eleventh Doctor’s Sonic you’re ever likely to come across.

Read our full review         Buy the Sonic Screwdriver remote control – £57.99

Sonic Screwdriver electric toothbrush

More Dentist Who than Doctor Who, this Sonic Screwdriver electric toothbrush is far less painful than it sounds (and approved by real dentists).

Buy the Sonic Screwdriver electric toothbrush – £11.99

Missing Rory?

Doctor Who action figures

Ok, it’s not quite Arthur Darvill himself but, following Rory’s heart-breaking departure, this plastic action figure with moveable limbs (exclusive to BBCShop) could be the focus of your love instead. And if that doesn’t float your boat, there’s a whole range of Doctor Who action figures, from Autons to Zygons.

Buy a Rory Williams figure – £10

Browse the other Doctor Who action figures

Doctor brew

You might be surprised by just how many Who-themed tea-making accessories there are available this Christmas. Along with a range of mugs featuring everything from Tom Baker’s Doctor to the Weeping Angels in New York (our favourites include this retro design featuring the Tardis doors and this 2D Dalek mug) there’s also a 3D teapot and mug in the shape of a Tardis and a matching cookie jar for those who like a biscuit with their brew (which, let’s face it, is everyone).

Browse the mugs           Buy the Tardis mug
Buy the Tardis teapot           Buy the Tardis cookie jar

More Tardis than meets the eye

Dressing gown, safe, pedal bin and Christmas tree decoration

Speaking of Tardis teapots, while its chameleon circuit may be broken, it turns out the Tardis can still take a variety of different forms, from a smartphone-activated safe to a dressing gown, a pedal bin (complete with authentic sound effect) to – possibly our favourite – a hand-painted glass Christmas tree decoration (sold separately or in a set with two Daleks and a K-9).

Buy the Tardis Safe – £29.99 Buy the Tardis dressing gown – £50
Buy the Tardis pedal bin – £39.99      Buy the Tardis tree decoration – £15.99

Dalek fun

Dalek costume, ride-in Dalek and Christmas tree decorations

Not two words you often see together but there’s no other way to describe these children’s electric ride-in Daleks or Dalek costumes. And don’t miss the Dalek Christmas tree decorations, which really put the Xmas in exterminate…

Buy the children’s Dalek costume – £24.99

Buy the Dalek Christmas tree decorations – £16.99/£17.99

Buy the ride-in Dalek – £149.99

Four he’s a jolly good fellow

Fourth Doctor scarf, bag, t-shirt and mug

This may be personal bias speaking, but Tom Baker is the best Doctor, which makes this luxuriously long woollen Fourth Doctor scarf a must have for those wanting to combine coolness with warmth. Meanwhile, this bag featuring D4’s face boasts appropriately retro stylings (and talking of good-looking mugs, there’s one featuring Tom Baker’s – and a t-shirt too).

Buy the Fourth Doctor scarf – £49.99       Buy the Fourth Doctor bag – £24.99
Buy the Fourth Doctor mug – £7.99       Buy the Fourth Doctor t-shirt – £16.99

Adventures in space and (dinner) time

Doctor Who apron, oven glove and tea towels


Be the Master of your kitchen with a Cyberman apron, Dalek oven glove and a range of Doctor Who tea towels (including this particularly excellent Tardis doors one).

 Buy the Cyberman apron – £20

 Buy the Dalek oven glove – £15

 Buy the Doctor Who tea towels – £18 per pack of two