Coronation Street star Paula Lane – “I’m very pleased with Kylie’s exit”

The Corrie actress talks about departing the soap and whether Kylie could confess to killing Callum


An under pressure Kylie Platt will find herself wrestling with guilt next week in the wake of Callum’s body being discovered.


First, husband David comes under police suspicion, then an entirely innocent Jason becomes the prime suspect in the investigation.

With Kylie going unnoticed despite being the true killer, will she end up buckling and revealing all? And how will this latest drama lead to Kylie’s exit from the Street? Actress Paula Lane tells us more…

So, tell us what’s going through Kylie’s mind in the aftermath of Callum’s body being found?
She’s terrified. She and David don’t know what the next stage is going to be – what with forensics and things like that – so she’s scared.

How are Kylie, David and Sarah coping with answering questions from the police and their neighbours?
They’re just doing their best to defend the situation, but obviously none of them knows what each of the others has said. So they want time on their own to kind of assess the situation and they can’t get that because Gail’s around all the time.

What is the story they’re giving people at this point?
They just talk about the last time they saw Callum and that’s all.

How does Kylie feel when the police initially look at David as their prime suspect?
Obviously, she’s very defensive because she doesn’t want to implicate him. She’s protective of him so she panics a little bit in the police station and kind of cracks.

Is she tempted to confess and hand herself in?
Very much so, but it’s David who’s keeping her from having those thoughts. But when she feels like they’ve really got their claws into him she’s ready to hand herself in.

When David points the finger of suspicion at Jason, how does it make Kylie feel?
Mixed emotions – a bit guilty but someone has to be framed for the murder, although she doesn’t want an innocent man to go down for the crime.

Does it make her see David in a different light?
She knows full well what David’s capable of so it doesn’t surprise her.

Meanwhile, Todd begins to suspect Sarah of being the killer. Why do you think Kylie’s done so well to avoid suspicion?
Because Sarah looks so far removed from where she was mentally and Kylie looks like she has a much better handle on the situation.

Is Kylie willing to let an innocent person take the rap for her crime?
They’re just under suspicion at the moment, but if it came to the point where someone was charged that could tip her over the edge to confess.

How far will she go to protect herself?
She’ll go to a certain point to protect herself but she’s aware there are accomplices to consider too.

Is it sad knowing that this is all going to culminate in your exit?
I wouldn’t say sad – I’m ready for it. I’m ready to face it head on.

Do you know what Kylie’s exit involves – and what did you think when you read the script?
I do know what Kylie’s exit involves. I was supposed to be resting but the scripts were there in front of me, so I went full throttle and I read them all in one go. I’m very pleased with it. If we film it the way I picture it, then I’ll be very happy.

What will you miss most about Corrie?
The people. Definitely not the early starts, as I travel further than most. I’ll miss my Corrie family, as we’re very close. It’ll be a real wrench for me, pardon the pun!

What are you most looking forward to doing after you leave?
I’m going to have some time out mentally. I’ll just gather myself, have my second child. I’m mindful that Corrie’s been a huge part of my life for a few years now so I want time to get back to being Paula for a few months and then go from there.

Will you take any souvenirs from the set with you?
No, I’m quite happy to hand over Kylie’s belongings!

Would you like to see Jack’s character paired up with someone else after Kylie leaves?
Jack is totally able to go it alone. He’s a great actor. But it’d be great if something can be done for him to have another Bonnie to his Clyde. But, you know, I think we’ve been a great double act so I wouldn’t want that to be forgotten too quickly!

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