Baby panda could be due at Edinburgh Zoo

Experts claim that a female panda's hormone levels suggest that she is pregnant

Tian Tian the panda was artificially inseminated in April and test results show that she could potentially give birth later this month at Edinburgh Zoo.


The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland found that Tian Tian’s progesterone levels have gone up, and she is showing nesting behaviour, which can only mean one thing… well actually two, she is pregnant or having a pseudo pregnancy.

If she is with child, she is expected to give birth between 40 and 55 days – in late August or early September.

Royal Zoological Society of Scotland CEO Chris West explained: “We cannot tell definitively at this stage if Tian Tian is pregnant or not, although we are seeing results that give us cause for encouragement.

“There is still a need to just watch and wait whilst continuing to monitor her hormone levels.

“Confirming a female panda’s pregnancy is never straightforward and we would encourage people to try not to get too excited just yet – I know it is easier said than done though.”

The zoo will be properly prepared if the Tian Tian does give birth in the next few weeks, they will even have two incubators in case she has twins. There is also a team of four zookeepers on standby, to provide round-the-clock care.


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