Nickelodeon has introduced its first same-sex married couple and Twitter is so happy

Meet Mr and Mr McBride


This week Nickelodeon will make history by welcoming their first same-sex married couple.


The love birds, Harold and Howard McBride, will appear on the network’s newest kids’ show, The Loud House.

Voiced by Wayne Brady and Michael McDonald, the pair will make their debut in the episode Overnight Success, which shows the couple fawning over Clyde when they drop him at a sleepover at the Loud household.

Just before they arrive on the scene, Lincoln Loud shouts: “This is it. Time to make history!”

Other than that, and the fact that Lincoln Loud pointedly greets them as Mr McDonald and Mr McDonald, the portrayal of the two dads is refreshingly casual.

Rather than making a big deal of the fact they’re gay, the scene instead focuses on the McBrides fussing over their molly-coddled son, Clyde.

“No nuts, no gluten, no sugar and be careful with orange juice. You know how you get with pulp,” Brady’s character warns his son before leaving. The other Mr McBride begins to weep: “They grow up so fast.”

Twitter’s response was overwhelmingly positive:

And this isn’t the only instance of kids’ TV leading the way for LGBT characters: Disney’s Good Luck Charlie and Cartoon Network’s Clarence have both featured lesbian parents before.


Here’s to breaking archaic taboos.