David Tennant’s top ten funniest Doctor Who moments

From quoting The Lion King to comparing sonic screwdrivers, we count down the most mirth-filled exchanges featuring the Tenth Doctor


From the classic era to Christopher Eccleston’s first series of Nu Who, Doctor Who has always been funny, but it only really got hilarious when David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor took over the Tardis. 


For not only had modern Doctor Who’s second series really found its stride in terms of tone, but Tennant himself seemed a lot more suited to humorous hi-jinks than Eccleston, who was more a dark, tortured soul. So, of course, the question is: what is the Tenth Doctor’s funniest moment? RadioTimes.com thinks we know, so have compiled our top ten. 

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10. “You’re naked!” 


After the Tenth Doctor is inadvertently cloned by, er, Donna touching the Doctor’s spare hand, the clone wakes up as naked as the day he was born – which was that day, as he had just been born. Hilarity, obviously ensues, with the duplicate Doctor not only having sprung into life naked, but having taken on some of Donna less than graceful personality quirks. “Oi, watch it, Earth girl!”