Five fascinating film and TV facts #94

Expensive Who watching, Dad's Army in reserve, and dodgy food on Trollied...



Although the food on the set of comedy Trollied may look delicious, you certainly won’t find any of the cast taking a cheeky nibble. Jane Horrocks, who plays deputy manager Julie, said that “the frozen vegetables stink and they shovel it about a bit so the mouldy ones go to the bottom. We also have mouldy bread – very blue bread.”

You can never be too careful – apparently the BBC keeps an episode of Dad’s Army in reserve as an emergency back-up just in case a show goes off air. This actually happened in 2000, when the 6 o’clock news was hit by a power cut.

Hoping to become the next One Direction? Well, you’ll have some competition. In total, around 900 hours of footage is filmed during the audition stages of the X Factor, while 15,000+ bottles of water are drunk.

Remember videos? The first Doctor Who episode to be released on VHS was Revenge of the Cybermen, released in 1983. It didn’t come cheaply, however, with the four-part story selling for £39.95, over £100 in today’s money.


It’s one of the most instantly-recognisable theme tunes in the world, but it took Simpsons composer Danny Elfman just two days to write the famous song. In contrast, each episode of the cartoon takes six months to make.