Doctor Who series 9: Could the Doctor meet his own ghost?

Showrunner Steven Moffat also reveals that series 9's Zygon two-parter will touch upon the heated topic of immigration...


Another day, another exciting detail from Doctor Who series 9. This time: that, following on from series 7’s Hide, there will be another story about ghosts – but with a twist. 


Speaking to Doctor Who Magazine, showrunner Steven Moffat revealed that episode 3 and 4, written by Toby Whithouse, will play around with the idea of time travelling so far into the future that you meet your own ghost – a la the Doctor’s grave in The Name of the Doctor. 

“We kicked a few ideas backwards and forwards, Toby and I, for quite a while, and the one that sort of kicked him off was ‘ghosts plus time travel’. You know, if you allow both time travel and ghosts in the same universe, you can meet your own ghost. That’s the one that got his juices going. And it’s all down to him. He also wanted an underwater base, and it looks amazing. It’s an amazing set. It looks fantastic.”

Does this mean that the Doctor, or Clara, will meet their own ghosts? More like Doctor Ooooh, amiright? 

Going through the series each story at a time, Moffat also goes on to say that two-parter Invasion of the Zygons – episodes seven and eight – will contain some social commentary on the topic of immigration; with the shape-shifting aliens now trying to make a new life on Earth alongside us.  

“I think we have to be awfully careful here, but I would say within the terms of Doctor Who, which involves blobby monsters and action adventure, this is as close to addressing the modern world as we get,” he says. “Now I’m not suggesting that it’s a political deconstruction of the way things are, but it’s a decent framework for discussing it in. Zygons live among us. What do we do about it? Maybe some of them will be cross. Maybe most of them will be fine. I’d like to think that we embrace the idea that the monsters might have a point. And maybe, in fact, the monsters aren’t monsters at like us. I think it’s good drama.”


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