Kate Winslet on A Little Chaos and Michael Fassbender’s “brilliant” portrayal of Steve Jobs

The Oscar-winning actress talks about the modern-day parallels seen in Alan Rickman's period drama and her role in the upcoming film based on the late Apple CEO

Kate Winslet is back in corsets for her role in Alan Rickman’s second directorial effort, A Little Chaos. The film – set in 18th century France – sees the Oscar-winning actress play Sabine De Barra, the landscape gardener charged with bringing her creative vision to Louis XIV’s magnificent Palace of Versailles. 


With its lavish horticulture, the film is easy on the eye – but Winslet and her director are both keen to stress that A Little Chaos has much in common with modern-day life, especially when Sabine pays a visit to the aristocratic French court – “a male-dominated world, not just a frivolous one,” according to Rickman, “where the women are judged only by what they’re wearing, what they look like, how young they are.”

Winslet is in agreement, noting the parallels between our celebrity culture and the court’s “sense of scrutiny and being watched and someone new coming along and being analysed and broken down in the way Sabine is,”

The 39-year-old actress – who first found global fame starring opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in blockbuster disaster movie Titanic – will be seen later this year in Steve Jobs, the upcoming Danny Boyle film based on the late Apple co-founder played by Michael Fassbender. 

“It was an extraordinary experience making it and we just wrapped in San Francisco,” she tells us. “Steve Jobs was so admired by so many people and I think for Michael Fassbender, who has played the role brilliantly – I know because I was in the room – he really wishes Steve was still here so he would have the experience of being able to spend time with him and be as accurate in his performance as possible.”


A Little Chaos is out now. Steve Jobs is expected in UK cinemas this November