The solar eclipse in pictures

Missed the eclipse where you are? Here's some stunning photography from around the UK and Europe as the moon moves across the face of the sun


This morning saw the UK experiencing its first countrywide solar eclipse since 1961 – described as a “significant partial eclipse”. And while it may not have seemed that way to everyone – thanks British weather! – there have been some great pictures coming in from Europe so you can at least experience it on a computer screen and imagine what it would have been like live. Just sling on a bit of Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart and you’ll be fine…


A school class gathered in Munich to catch the action. 

And were treated to sights like this (featuring a giant space pigeon?!).

As the moon moves across the face of the sun, it plunges everything into darkness.

This brilliantly eerie picture comes from the skies of Brussels.

A fantastic shot from Plymouth in the UK.

This might just be winning the photography race, in from Liverpool with the iconic Liver Building’s Liver Bird.

Although this gives it a run for its money


More pictures on the way as they come in…