Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

24-28 November: Brax and Andy find Jake and engage in a high-speed car chase, with explosive consequences. Sophie questions whether Nate and Hannah are just friends

Monday 24 November


Brax and Andy return after a few days looking for Jake, but depart again the next morning without telling anyone, leaving Ricky alone with her pregnancy still unrevealed. Evelyn refuses to forgive Josh for what happened with Maddy and also rebuffs Spencer when he tells her that he still likes her. Leahʼs son VJ reacts badly to the news that she is seeing Zac and lashes out at another student. 

Tuesday 25 November

Denny puts on a brave face after Caseyʼs death, but Alf sees through it. Meanwhile, Brax and Andy are staking out Jakeʼs hideout. Jake takes off as soon as he sees them and they pursue him at speed, with Brax trying to force him off the road. As Andy screams at Brax to stop, Jakeʼs car careers off the road and into a gully. As he crawls from the wreckage, Andy and Brax are blown off their feet by a huge explosion. 

Wednesday 26 November

Brax is still hellbent on killing his brotherʼs murderer as the emergency services start to arrive. All three men are taken to hospital and Brax is arrested when he launches himself at Jake. Denny notices the chemistry between Nate and Hannah and Sophie takes the opportunity to glean her thoughts on the matter. Sophie is shocked when she later interrupts Nate consoling Hannah with a hug at the hospital. John unwittingly upsets Roo when he disapproves of her idea for a wedding venue. 

Thursday 27 November

Nate reassures Sophie that there is nothing going on with Hannah, but is worried enough to agree that they should keep their distance. John injures his back when he tries to hide from Marilyn the day before the wedding. Chris signs Spencer up for internet dating, but Spencer organises his own date with Shandi – in direct competition with his brother. 

Friday 28 November


On the morning of the wedding, Marilynʼs dress is missing and John is still in agony. A superstitious Marilyn thinks that they should postpone, but John will not hear of it. Maddy ignores Rooʼs requests and blows a lot of money on a dress. VJ confronts both Leah and Zac.