Benedict Cumberbatch’s terribly British attempt to describe “booty”

The Imitation Game star was playing Three Word Stories with US chat show host Jimmy Fallon last night

Reason no. 536,788 why Benedict Cumberbatch is adorable: this attempt to describe the word “booty” on an American chat show.


The Imitation Game actor appeared on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon last night where he played the presenter’s new Three Word Stories game: each of them took it in turns to tell a story in three words. The catch? Each had to get the other to utter a mystery term, and Cumberbatch’s was – you guessed it – “booty”.


It proved to be something of a challenge with the Sherlock star stammering and stuttering his way through his explanations – his efforts included “A beautiful, big…” and “You’ve gotta shake…” – as Fallon sat next to him in fits of giggles. Take a look below…