TOWIE tonight: break-ups, meet-ups and buckets of tears

Will it be fiery fights or a deluge on Bonfire Night? A sneak peek of Wednesday's episode in which Ricky and Jess come over all emotional, while Chloe welcomes a surprise guest to her birthday party...

It’s break-up central on TOWIE at the moment and we can hardly cope with all the heartbreak.


First it was golden couple Ricky and Jess, then Fran and Diags (momentarily) and now Chloe and Elliott. Again. On Sunday, Jess was fuming as Ricky made zero effort to repair the damage (and called Jess “boring”, which is a bit rich), while Chloe tearfully told Elliott, “I’ll tell you why I can’t have a serious relationship with you, you sit there and make out everything is my fault.”

So what will happen tonight? We’ve found a quiet spot in the Sugar Hut cloakroom to make some predictions…

That looks like a very dramatic hug between Ricky and Jess. Is the bearded wonder finally admitting he does feel bad? After saying he was completely fine just one day after their break-up, has the reality finally hit him?

Oh wait, no, that’s Ricky’s mum.

She’s probably telling him to be a man and talk to Jess properly about their break-up. In the last episode, Carol Wright told a distraught Jess that Ricky had “lost the world”  but she’d only “lost an island”. Ricky’s mum Jan looks like she’s come up with her own inspiring analogy.

The chat clearly worked because Ricky’s decided it’s time to meet up with Jess and talk about their split. Given they broke up in front of their friends and enemies and then had a second slanging match at the Halloween party, the suggestion that they meet “in private” is nothing short of revolutionary.

It doesn’t look like Jess is jumping for joy at the prospect of meeting up with Ricky. We’re not surprised. After all, he did tell the whole of Essex that they’d stopped having sex and that he was looking for a way out of the relationship anyway…

These could be tears of happiness and a glorious reunion…. but we doubt it. It’s hard to believe these two could try to patch things up after such a turbulent time

Now, we know how terrifyingly protective the Wrights get about family. So this probably isn’t Carol having a friendly natter with her daughter’s ex-boyfriend’s mum. Instead, we predict a lot of raised voices and “my child is less to blame than your child…”

Let the turmoil begin…


The Only Way Is Essex continues tonight (5th November), 10.00pm on ITVBe