Benedict Cumberbatch likes Channel 4 comedy Toast of London… despite the jokes at his expense

Creator Matt Berry tells us Cumberbatch is a fan of the series – even though the regular gag is that Steven Toast has never heard of the Sherlock actor

It is a regular joke in the Channel 4 comedy Toast of London that the central character played by Matt Berry has never heard of Benedict Cumberbatch.


Whenever the name of the Sherlock star comes up, the loud and brash Steven Toast always says: “Who?”

Toast is far too grand and egocentric to bother thinking about the work of other performers, you see.

But this has not stopped Cumberbatch enjoying the comedy which is returning next week for series two, as he confirmed to Berry when the pair met at the first Letters Live evening (see clip below) at the Tabernacle in London last year.

Berry told they had bonded at the event which saw the pair perform a series of readings of great historical letters: “I saw him [Cumberbatch] and he said he liked it.

“I didn’t ask ‘do you like my stuff?’ but he didn’t punch me. He had seen it and thought it was funny.”

Asked what would happen if Cumberbatch were ever to make a guest appearance in the comedy, Berry added: “If we had Benedict Cumberbatch in the series, Toast would still not know who he was. He’d keep the pretence up [and] probably ask him what he did.

“I’ve seen that before when people know who someone is and they ask them. I think Toast would probably go to that length [if he met Cumberbatch]. ‘Are you in this business? What is it you do?’”


The second series of Toast of London, co-written by Berry and Father Ted writer Arthur Mathews, starts on Channel 4 on Monday November 3